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I-LIDS on Lake Sarah

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A new project that boaters will notice this year is the installation of I‐LIDS units on Lake Sarah.  I‐LIDS stands for Internet Landing Installed Device Sensor.  I‐LIDS is a self –contained, solar powered system installed at boat launches to prevent the spread of AIS through video capture and remote inspection of boats and trailers entering a waterbody.  The audio message also provides education to boaters using the lake.

How does the I‐LIDS system work?
As a boater enters a launch, they see signage indicating that the area is monitored.  They are instructed how to inspect and clean off their boat and trailer before they launch.  At the same time, the I‐LIDS system utilizes advanced sensors that tell it when a boater has entered the launch area and turns on video monitoring to identify whether there are aquatic invasive species present on the trailer or boat. A similar process also occurs when a boat and trailer is loading and leaving a landing.

Who views the videos and what is done with the information?
The videos are stored on a secured server and can only be accessed through a user account and password.  I‐LIDS staff review 300 videos per month for the County, and the remainder of the videos able to be reviewed by Environmental Services Office staff.  The videos are only used to look for AIS violations, such as the presence of weeds, zebra mussels, etc. that are attached to watercraft and trailers.  No other data or information is used or disseminated from the videos. 

Please contact Sarah Soderholm or the Murray County Environmental Services Office.