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County drainage ditches are drainage systems that were constructed as a result of a petition, filed by a majority of landowners of property the drainage system passes over.  These systems are regulated by Minnesota Statute 103E and are under the jurisdiction of the Murray County Board of Commissioners with assistance from the Murray County Ditch Inspector. 

Many of the county ditches in were constructed in the early 1900’s in order to provide drainage for agricultural lands — these are not necessarily ditches along county roads.

In addition to public ditches, countless private drainage tile and private lateral ditch and public waters connections are connected to the county ‘ditch system’   Some ditches are considered to be Joint Ditches if they cross county lines.
Have further questions regarding a county ditch? Contact the Ditch Inspector, your local County Commissioner, or the Murray County Auditor-Treasurer’s office.

CD 41 Final Engineers Report 


The GIS map is a digital satellite type map that is used to highlight roads, ditches, hydrology and boundary lines.

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