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Honor Rewards for Veterans

Honor Rewards for Veterans 

The Honor Rewards program is a community service made available through the Murray County Recorder’s Office to thank and acknowledge our nation’s veterans for their sacrifices to our country.  This program allows veterans in Murray County to sign-up to receive an Honor Rewards Card and use this ID card to receive discounts and benefits at local participating retailers, restaurants and other businesses.

The service is completely free and after signing up the Veteran can expect to receive their Honor Rewards ID card in the mail in 1-2 weeks.

To participate in the program the veteran can stop by our office during business hours or sign up at www.honorrewards.com.

Local businesses and retailers can participate in the service by contacting our office or using the Business sign up link on www.honorrewards.com. By participating, your business name will be listed on the Honor Rewards website for Murray County and be provided to Veterans who receive an Honor Rewards card.

For more information contact the Murray County Recorder’s office at 507-836-1161.