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Murray County Sheriffs office Policies

Appendix A MCSO Evidence Procedures 
Appendix B Properly Packaging Evidence Guide
Appendix C Vehicle Towing
Appendix D Assest Forfeiture
Appendix E Citizen Complaint Report
1. Use of Force
2. Public Assembly First Amendment Activity
3. Eyewitness Identification Procedure
4. Allegations of Misconduct
5. Professional Conduct of Peace Officers
6. Domestic Abuse Response and Arrest
7. Avoiding Racial Profiling
8. Investigation of Sexual Assault
9. Response to Reports of Missing and Endangered Persons
10. Predatory Offender and Community Notification
11. Vehicle Pursuit
12. Criminal Conduct on School Buses
13. Lighting Exemption
14. Administrative Forfeitures
15. Confidential Informants
16. Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
17. Mobile Video Recorder and Squad Cameras
18. Life Jacket Boat and Water
19. ERPO Firearms Storage
Exhibit 1 Bias Motivated Crimes
Exhibit 2 Peace Officer Discharge of a Firearm
Exhibit 3 Injuries Resulting from Discharge of a Firearm
Exhibit 4 Hunting or Sport Shooting Firearm Related Injuries
Exhibit 5 Reporting of Maltreatment of Minors & Vulnerable Adults, and Prenatal Exposure to Controlled Substances