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Bondin Township Board Meeting

Meeting Date: 2nd Tuesday
Meeting Time: 7:00 p.m. standard time and 8:00 p.m. during daylight savings time (summer).
Meeting Location: Home of the Clerk

Bondin Township History

T105N R40W
Organized November 1874

Bondin Township is located in the southeast lower tier of townships. Nobles County borders on the south, Belfast Township on the east, Iona Township on the west, and Lime Lake Township on the north. Lime Creek, the outlet of Lime Lake, flows diagonally from the northwest corner to the east central boundary line of the township. Seven Mile Lake, or what is also known as Fulda Lake, is located on the southeast edge of Fulda.

Before the railroad established the town of Fulda, Bondin’s post office was located on the northwest corner of Section 24, east of the present Prairie Hill Cemetery. The mail ran four times a week. When the township was organized, the name of the post office, Bondin, was declared the name of the township.

Much of the township originally belonged to the St. Paul Sioux City Rail Road Company.

The communities of Fulda and Wirock are located in Bondin Township. Wirock is located in two townships; Bondin, Section 19 and Iona, Section 24.