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Ellsborough Township Board

Meeting Date: 2nd Monday
Meeting Time: 8:00 p.m. winter months and 8:30 p.m. summer months
Meeting Location: Township Hall

Ellsborough Township History

T108N R43W
Organized March 21, 1874

Ellsborough is located in the northwestern corner of Murray County. Pipestone County borders on the west, Lyon County on the north, Skandia Township on the east, and Cameron Township on the south. This township was settled by the Scandinavians and named for Elfsborg, Sweden. Elsborog means, “home of elves.”

In 1902, Assiag Gravely built a small wooden structure, carrying a general line of merchandise in Section 24. This was the beginning of the Current Lake Store, named after the largest lake in the township. The store was located ten miles north of Lake Wilson, ten miles southeast of Ruthton, and about ten miles southwest of Balaton. The Current Lake Store closed in the fall of 1967.